Melissa Sanders is from Layton, Utah and currently resides in Abilene, TX with her family. Melissa is a military wife, mother of four, business woman, and hairstylist! Melissa’s dream was to become a hairstylist & makeup artist, and she worked hard to become one.

 Melissa graduated in 2009 from Fran Brown School of Beauty in Layton, Utah. Since then, Melissa has been on a mission to make women feel beautiful by giving them hair styles that make them feel like a million bucks!

Melissa works at Vendetta Salon & Day Spa, a local hair salon in Abilene, TX; she has been there for over three years.

 Melissa loves to stay up with the latest hairstyles and makeup techniques by attending hair shows in Dallas, Texas, enabling her to provide her clientele the very best of her knowledge, skills, and styling abilities. Her awesome portfolio includes photo shoots with local photographers and wedding bazaars.

Melissa has been motivated by the desire to transform the lives of others by freely sharing her knowledge with other stylists, industry professionals, and most importantly, her clients. She quotes, “Beauty is not only a part of your image, but a mirror image of how you should feel beautiful.

Melissa Sanders

Business Owner

Hairstylist, Makeup Artist


Melissa’s work has been featured in this magazine.

I love working with a local Photographer Steve Ellinger by working with Steve has given me the chance to show my talent working with some awesome models from all over the US. I worked with these twins and so proud to have my name in the article below. I am so honored to have worked with other talented artists also. Click the link to read more